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Albino Melmak



Psilocybin Circus Albino Melmak mushroom spore syringe

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Best Spore syringes for Albino Melmak mushrooms

Order Albino Melmak mushroom spore syringes online from Psilocybin CircusAlbino Melmac (sometimes called Albino Homestead Penis Envy or Albino Melmac Penis Envy) is an extremely potent cubensis strain with striking similarities to APE, yet also distinct differentiators. 

Albino Melmak magic mushrooms

Albino Melmac looks nearly identical to APE until you see the cap – while Albino Penis Envy has a cap that, let’s face it, looks just like a penis (with a viel that never opens/tears), Albino Melmac has wide caps that form an intense wavy pattern on the outer edge. 


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