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Blue Meanies spore syringe

Introducing the Blue Meanies mushroom spore syringe from Psilocybin Circus. This premium spore syringe is perfect for researchers and enthusiasts who are looking to study the unique characteristics of this fascinating strain. Blue Meanies is a unique strain of psilocybin mushroom known for its high potency and its distinctive blue color. Our spore syringes are made with high-quality spores, to ensure the best results for your research. It’s important to note that these syringes are intended for microscopy research only and that growing or consuming psilocybin mushrooms is illegal in many countries and states.


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Mushroom Spore syringes for Blue Meanies 

Panaeolus cyanescens – lovingly dubbed ‘Blue Meanies’ – are a super potent strain of psychoactive fungi. Though not technically a Psilocybe cubensis, they still contain psilocin and psilocybin as their primary active constituents. The moniker for these powerful mushrooms (two to three times as potent as cubensis) comes from the intense bluing reaction displayed when bruised or handled, much more vivid than a typical Psilocybe cubensis (although some argue it is a reference to the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine). This trait is because oxidizing psilocin causes the blueness, and there is quite a lot of psilocin in these little guys. 

Blue Meanies mushroom spore syringe packaging from Psilocybin Circus


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