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Hillbilly Pumpkin



Psilocybin Circus Hillbilly Pumpkin mushroom spore syringe.

Hillbilly Pumpkin mushroom spores, perfect for microscopy research. Sourced from high-quality specimens, these orange spores with fast colonization time are easy to grow and highly resistant to contamination, available for purchase in 47 states except California, Idaho, and Georgia. Note: For research use only, not for cultivation or consumption.

The Psilocybin Circus presents a unique and potent psilocybin spore syringe, expertly crafted by merging the distinct characteristics of Hillbilly Pumpkin and Albino Shakti mushrooms. This exclusive blend promises a harmonious fusion of the robustness of Hillbilly Pumpkin with the ethereal purity of Albino Shakti, offering an unparalleled mycological experience.



Hillbilly Pumpkin magic mushroom spore syringes

If you are looking to order cubensis spore syringe online, look at ordering Hillbilly Pumpkin spores.  Hailing from the beautiful region of Arkansas Hillbilly Pumpkin is a striking cubensis variety first found wild in the 1990s. This strain is purportedly named after the individual who discovered this strain – we’re unsure of the person’s name was actually Hillbilly, or if they were simply ‘an unsophisticated country person, associated originally with the remote regions of the Appalachians’ (from Oxford Languages).

Hillbillly Pumpkin mushroom spore syringes from Psilocybin Circus

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Hillbilly Pumpkin, Hillbilly Pumpkin X Albino Shakti


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