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MVP Magic Mushrooms


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MVP Mushroom Spore Syringe

This is not the most valuable player, as you may have assumed – but the Most Valuable Producer. MVP hasn’t been around for more than a decade, resulting from an anonymous mycologist crossing Melmac Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher (TAT). If you are looking for the best spore syringe supplier, you have come to the right place!


While some believe Melmac and Penis Envy are interchangeable terms, they are markedly different strains of cubensis. However, they are both extremely potent with high concentrations of alkaloids like psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin, and aeruginascin. Penis Envy has caps that look like a penis, while Melmac has distinct wavy edges that look like uncooked ravioli. 


True Albino Teacher is a world-class strain in its own right, if nothing else, for being in the elite club of true albino strains. While you may see a lot of ‘albino’ strains out there (Albino Penis Envy, Albino A+, etc.), they are most often leucistic – meaning they only partially lack pigmentation capability. True albino strains show a 100% complete lack of pigment-producing genetics (and only a handful of cubensis strains fall in this category). 


Rumor has it that MVP was so dubbed due to its remarkably robust colonization – in addition to the extra dense + meaty stipes (stems). This sounds like a player any serious mycologist would want on their team. 


MVP fruiting bodies are solid (versus hollow like many other strains) with beige to yellow (younger specimens are much darker in color) wavy, gnarled, bulbous caps often described as resembling a bottle cap, potato chips, or dumplings. Creating spore prints from MVP is challenging as the caps never fully open, although spore production is very healthy (especially compared to Penis Envy/Melmac).


Spore collectors must resort to advanced techniques like spore swabbing when working with MVP; potency is said to be from average to extreme – it’s difficult to say for sure, considering all the variables involved. Nonetheless, MVP resembles the legendary Penis Envy in appearance, so it can be challenging to differentiate between the two (Penis Envy is a bit stronger, so determining which is which is crucial if you plan to ingest). 

Sports MVPs Turn to Magic Mushrooms

Although Aaron Rodgers and Kenny Stills have been outspoken about the benefits they’ve experienced through using psychedelics, we doubt this will be the last we hear from sport’s most valuable players about alternative approaches to healing. Professional athletes go through the wringer, for example, in the NFL, when a player can suffer from numerous concussions over a career. These players try many treatments before sometimes turning to psychedelics like MVP mushrooms – rather than something in a syringe like heroin to numb the pain. 


In the meantime, please note that the WADA does not prohibit psilocybin – so maybe some MVP ‘shrooms before your next competition could be just what the doctor ordered to enhance your performance. We are joking, of course – everyone knows that something like LSD would be far superior in terms of athletic performance enhancement since it lasts twice as long, offers a more transparent/less emotional experience, and activates dopamine/adrenergic receptors to provide increased physical energy and stamina in ways that psilocybin cannot. 



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