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Panaeolus Cinctulus spore syringe


Mazatapec mushroom spores are lab-produced in a sterile environment with great care taken to prevent any contamination. Each syringe is loaded with high-quality spores so that you can make sure to get a magnified view of this piece of mystical history with ease.

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Mushroom spore syringes for Panaeolus cinctulus

Order Panaeolus cinctulus spore syringes online from Psilocybin Circus. P. cinctulus mycelium has a flaky appearance and does not firmly hold substrates together, as does Psilocybe cubensis. This mycelium can also form small sclerotia-like structures.

The nickname ‘Banded Mottlegill’ comes from uneven spore development that produces spotting & mottling on the gills. Look for a dark band usually found on the outer ring of the cap.


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