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Treasure Coast spore syringe


Psilocybin Circus Treasure Coast mushroom spore syringe

Treasure Coast mushroom spores are lab-produced in a completely sterile environment in order to ensure that you’re able to observe the highest possible quality example of the strain during your endeavors into the eye-opening world of psilocybin mushroom microscopy.

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Spore syringes for Treasure Coast mushrooms

Buy Treasure Coast spore syringes online from Psilocybin Circus. Treasure Coast mushrooms boast full flushes and are highly contamination resistant; also, they are pretty pale (some people think they have albinism, but they’re just very lightly colored). Treasure Coast generally produces smaller mushrooms than others, but the significant flushes make up for it. In addition, this strain is a very fast colonizer that can often show complete colonization of 1/2 pint jars in less than 12 days. 

Treasure Coast magic mushrooms made from spore syringes by Psilocybin Circus

However, one look under the microscope at these potent Treasure Coast cubensis spores, and they’ll quickly join the ranks alongside Pitbull and South Beach as the most bananas things you can possibly find in an already bananas state.


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