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Psilocybin Circus Tsunami mushroom spore syringe

Tsunami mushroom spore syringe, perfect for microscopy research. Sourced from high-quality specimens, these spores are easy to grow, highly resistant to contamination, and have a fast colonization time. Available for purchase in 47 states except California, Idaho and Georgia. Note: For research use only, not for cultivation or consumption.


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Tsunami mushroom spore syringes from Psilocybin Circus

Introducing our Tsunami mushroom spore syringes, a highly sought after strain for microscopy research. These spores are perfect for those looking to study the unique characteristics of psilocybin mushrooms and gain a deeper understanding of their growth and development. The Tsunami strain is known for its fast colonization time, high yield and its reputation as a beginner-friendly strain that produces consistent results.

Our Tsunami spores are sourced from the highest quality specimens and are guaranteed to be viable for research purposes. They are sold in 47 states excluding California, Idaho, and Georgia as per legal requirements.

This strain is well-suited for beginners, it is easy to grow and highly resistant to contamination. It is a great choice for those who are new to mushroom cultivation and microscopy research.

Our spores syringe will come pre-sterilized, ready to use and easy to store, making it easy for you to start your research. Please note that these spores are for microscopy research purposes only and should not be used for cultivation or consumption. Order now and take the first step towards unlocking the secrets of these fascinating fungi.


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